Real estate document scam

Real estate document scam

When real estate is transferred you need to be careful that the transactions are legal and are correctly recorded in the county where they occur.

When completed, particular facts about the transaction become public information.  The new homeowner will get lots of advertisements for things they might need for their new home from local businesses.  They also may receive a mailing that several of my clients have received that looks official (it may even carry an impression that makes you think it came from your bank) suggesting that the documentation of the sale might not be "quite right", and that for a fee of $85 this company will take care of "that problem".  To document their "solution of your problem", they will mail to you an official copy of your deed.  For my clients, this is unnecessary since I include the cost of all the required seals for transfer and as the new owner of the property, I have the recorder send to you an official copy.  Sometimes this takes a few days until it is mailed, and that time difference allows this company to make a pitch for your $85 to take care of a problem that doesn't exist.

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