Gender Reveal Party reveals Problem

Gender Reveal Party reveals Problem

At a gender reveal party for a friend of mine, I met two young couples who were seated at the same table as I was, one had just recently had a child, while the other was pregnant.

Neither of the couples had done any estate planning to formalize what they would want to happen to their family should they not be present to decide. Even though both couples had talked about what they wanted to happen and one had even had a health scare in the past few months.

Everyone should have a will so that if something should happen to them their wishes and preferences would be followed, Couples starting a family usually have those discussions between themselves but rarely write those decisions down. Having a child brings the responsibility of taking care of that child to the forefront. The future of the couple now impacts a new life and causes most people to think about what needs to happen to protect and nurture that child. As I have talked to more young couples, I have noticed a trend in which many of them make those decisions but do not have a will to convey those decisions to others.


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