Divorce or Annulment?

Divorce or Annulment?

Everyone makes mistakes.  Unfortunately, some mistakes involve other people and the life choices that a couple have made. 

When a marriage fails and both parties decide to end the legal marriage, the most common option is a divorce.  Legally each person is declared single and the assets are divided in some manner.  By far this is the most common approach and may involve a legal separation prior to the finality of a divorce. An alternative exists in some cases to pursue an annulment rather than a costly divorce.  Legally, an annulment makes the marriage void and tries to return each person to their original financial state. If the situation fits the criteria for an annulment and both parties agree, an annulment is generally less costly than a divorce.  Each state has its own requirements for a legal annulment but if you are looking at ending a marriage, it could be your best option to explore.


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